Welcome to the ornamental world of D’ASCOLI, where we celebrate the decorative arts of diverse cultures in our original designs, using ancient and modern techniques. We employ sustainable, low carbon forms of production such as hand-weaving, digital printing, and hand embroidery to create socially responsible products that enrich the lives of makers and users with an authentic provenance, and the integrity that results from small-batch production.

Menswear Collections



The 1960's were a time of growing affluence and consumerism that led many young people to question age old social norms and the widespread embrace of materialism. This gave rise to the youth counter culture accompanied by a creative surge in the arts. From Folk to Acid Rock, this new wave of music brought the advent of Rock Stars as cultural icons. Channeling this bohemian vibe, D'Ascoli captures the idealism and eclectic flamboyance of “Rock Star” style in their debut Men's collection of shirts and shorts. Think of Hendrix in Morocco, Harrison in Rishikesh, or the Wilson brothers on the beach in Southern California. The Rock Star Collection reflects the confidence and varied moods of this era, from Surf Culture to psychedelic escapism.